About Coach

Coach Josh Allen Head Coach of Run The Ville / Level Up Run Coaching RRCA (Road Runners Club of America) Certified Coach 2019 Derby Festival mini/Marathon Ambassador 2019 DC Timing Ambassador  


  In 1994 as a 4th grader on a track for the Presidential Fitness Program 1 mile run, Josh discovered his joy of running. A few years later joining the Jr High cross country team in 1998, he found his passion for trail running. He continued on to compete as a varsity Cross Country and Track distance runner all 4 years of high school. 20 years later trail runner is a normal part of life on a regular basis.   Today, Josh is taking years of running experience and knowledge acquired from coaches and other athletes and giving back to the running community which he loves. Through Level Up Run Coaching, he provides individualized coaching to those who have a goal they are striving to reach. Run The Ville is a resource arm providing support to the running community and assisting with connecting runners to many of the Louisville area running organizations. As a 2019 Derby Festival mini/Marathon Ambassador, Josh is an active representative of one of the largest Kentucky running events held in our backyard. Josh will happily assist any fellow runner the best he can or connect them with someone who can.  

Social Media Contact

Facebook: @RunTheVille Instagram: @RunTheVille Twitter: @RunTheVille  

Coach Josh’s PRs

1 Mile – 00:04:47 2 Mile – 00:10:43 (Pace: 5′ 22″) 3 Mile – 00:17:27 (Pace: 5′ 49″) 5K – 00:17:46 (Pace: 5′ 44″) 10K – 00:40:26 (Pace: 6′ 31″) 10 Miler – 1:09:07 (Pace: 6′ 55″) Half Marathon – 1:26:43 (Pace: 6′ 37″) Marathon – 3:40:53 (Pace: 8′ 26″) 50K – 5:08:20 50 Miler – 9:53:15 (finished injured-stress fractured ankle at mile 34)